Jim Bartels

Jim Bartels joined the Concord Singers in 2021. Jim’s daughters and family, had been prodding him to join for 20 years prior!

Jim grew up on a farm south of Brownton, and is proud to be full blooded German! Jim remembers that his family and children loved listening to the Concord Singers at New Ulm Festivals as long as he can remember.

Jim worked at KNUJ radio since 1975, and was GM for over 30 years, before cutting back to part time duties which allowed him to pursue his goal of moving the Singers!

His favorite song with the group is now “Country Roads”, because of the four part harmony it brings.

Jim and his wife Konnie live outside of New Ulm in Nicollet County. All three of their children, and extended family including 2.5 year old grand son enjoy listening to the Concord Singers today!